How to make an album of photos and memories

An interesting way to spend time quickly during recovery or inactivity is to make an album that will keep you in You can create a personal diary keeping in mind the most important and special memories or a simple photo album.
Regardless of how you use it, such an album will save memories of that period and can be a personal or family history.
This guide will help you achieve this simple but important object.

One notebook ring or cover for the same two sheets of cardboard.
Colored paper, glitter or other decorations.
Tools for painting or drawing.
The format that you want to use for your A4 paper page or album.
Gift or strip of cake to decorate the lid.

Use an ordinary A4-size page (the type used to print) to make your album: this will be your page. Note that your album will be the size of a school notebook (210×297 mm): use different paper sizes to hold diaries of different sizes. Apply four holes along the edge of the leaf with a drill (with a distance of about 8 cm for a larger one and about 4.5 cm for a smaller one), or with a drill at the right distance so that the page becomes a common ring-sized notepad. Use personal precautions using your cardboard tie or carton packaging.
To give an extra touch to your album, make a small hole on both sides of the lid and make a knot between the gift band or pie to keep it closed and decorated.

What you will have will be the beginning of your memory album Sahip where you can bring your mind back to a beautiful or ugly event. You can also write words from songs that accompany you at that time, or make pictures, even cloths, objects, or even photos. You can also add clippings of newspapers and magazines or not: You can write the date of the event and show it in person.
The only limitation is imagination! What really matters is that this album looks like a symbol object and notes that remind you of certain events. Remember that even though this album is fun, it will help you keep memories that you might forget.

When you complete the main body, it is time to decorate and enrich and decorate it. Each object can be used: from simple hand-drawn product boxes (better than those made from durable cardboard such as detergent), colored powder, glitter and more can be used to make collages or small decorations. Creative applications will remind you more strongly when you open an album to review old memories from activities only.

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