How to make a perfect family album

The family album is a sort of book or collector that contains the most significant images of our history, of our past. It helps us to keep our memories alive, to focus our attention on details that in the long run would vanish from our mind. Here are some simple precautions that show you how to make a perfect album , ready to be shown in the future to children, grandchildren and friends.


  • Photo album
  • Camera
  • Dry and clean cloth
  • Computer
  • Blank DVDs
  • A lot of fantasy

The first step in creating a perfect album is the purchase of a binder in which we will insert our photographs. It would be better to buy a rather large one, so as to be able to insert many images and, possibly, drawings or dedications. In fact, there are albums that contain white sheets where you can write thoughts and emotions about a photograph. Writing next to the image is definitely a nice way to capture the feeling that was felt at the time of shooting. It is also important to buy a binder that allows the division of the years or, in any case, of the periods. For a good glance it would be good not to confuse the photos of the ceremonies with those of the holidays or birthdays. Every emotion has the right to its own space and it is right that it is correctly dated. This helps us, after many years, not to be confused or “deceived”!

Another essential feature consists of binding: both as regards the aesthetic factor, both for the practical factor and, therefore, for durability over time. In fact, I recommend buying albums with plastic pockets, because they avoid us having to paste the photographs and, at the same time, the non-indifferent problem of dust. Should you buy the typical “old style” album, I suggest you to use, however, already adhesive corners, forgetting the glue, the scotch or the adhesive tape: methods exceeded because certainly not very reliable and not very durable.

The reason why I do not recommend glue or scotch is quite simple, easy to understand: both, in fact, contain substances that, in contact with photographic paper, cause chemical reactions. Such reactions would become the reason for the discoloration and deformation of the paper itself. All this would lead to an inevitable deterioration of our images and, therefore, of our dearest memories.

The next step is to select the photographs we want to insert in our album. Once the choice has been made, it is necessary to sprinkle the photos, especially the older ones, in a delicate way, taking care to use a completely dry cloth. Furthermore, it would be advisable to divide them from the beginning on the basis of the date and the “category” to which they should belong. We could then identify all the subjects portrayed in the images and write them down on special labels that show, in fact, also the year and the occasion when the photo was taken. All these little tricks, although apparently trivial, allow us not to forget the big but also the “small” occasions.

Another important trick is to scan the high resolution photographs and, consequently, to make a DVD containing the same ones that we will insert in the album. In this way we will have a real virtual collector, to which you can also attach some video or some audio files. Also in this case, as for the paper, it is possible to divide the images, in chronological order, according to the dates and the events. Board “Movie maker” for the realization of simple but, at the same time, peculiar and funny montages, containing filters and transitions. Finally, in order to be able to consult each memory quickly, I recommend applying, on each DVD, labels that specify the content that we are going to view.

Should you only have digital photos, I will reassure you immediately: nowadays there is the possibility to print them and even at rather low prices. You can go to special photographic studios where you can often take advantage of offers that allow the printing of hundreds of photos a few euros; otherwise you can search for various internet sites that offer the same service online.

The last piece of advice I can give you is to make some great photos in which all your family members are portrayed. You have to pay attention to the light and, more generally, to the setting. So it is advisable to search for a background that highlights the subjects of the photo. For the most important occasions it would be good to use professional tripods, for “less demanding” occasions you could also be satisfied with some self-shots. Have a good fun!

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