How to decorate a photo album for a child

From time to time, browse the pages of an old photo album with tender nostalgia to relive with intensity the most beautiful moments and memories of the past. A photo album can keep our memory alive, bringing before our eyes the colors, the looks and the smiles of the past. A nice idea can therefore be to decorate an old photo album for children so as to leaf through the pages with a touch of joy, colors and liveliness more. In this regard, here is a guide on how to proceed for this personalized reworking of a photo album.


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Ruler
  • Decoration material
  • Stelline
  • Leaves and petals
  • Sabbiolina
  • colors

Creating a photo album for the photos of our children is a project that we can decide to implement with the collaboration of the small protagonists. This will surely be a good opportunity to share some quality time with them. Let’s start by selecting the photos. This phase could inspire us and suggest a “guiding thread” to follow to build our history through images and decorations. We do not place limits on the imagination and remember that we can help at any time with programs available on the web to maximize the graphics.

We decide the number of photos to paste on each page of the photo album for child and their arrangement. We can certainly opt for simple or colored sheets of paper that we will keep together with the binding that we prefer or for an album like those used at school to draw; we can buy the book with a photographer or a cartolaio and realize the decorations and other tricks from us. We decide the number of photos to paste on each page of our photo album for child and their arrangement.

We start to paste them, enriching each page with descriptions and small details that remind us of the particular occasion in which we took the photo (the card of the candy box next to the photo of the baby’s baptism, for example). Finally, we work on the cover of the photo album for children, giving free rein to the imagination, and perhaps adding some figures or characters that he loves very much. The cover can be decorated with paper shapes. Cut out the child’s favorite characters and place them with a little hot glue on the cover sparse or from the smallest to the largest. Around the border of the album we can apply a colored ribbon, always with hot glue. If we like marine subjects, we can use plastic stars and sand. Maybe we paste three little stars at the corners with a little sand underneath. At the center of the cover we place the central photo of the child and create a blue frame.

To decorate the sheets of the album, we use the corners of the stars if we have chosen as the theme of the sea otherwise we stay on the main theme used for the cover. Each sheet can be embellished with a few leaves or some flower petals. If the child likes music, it would be nice to use colored plastic notes and draw under each photograph a treble clef in the pentagram. Beside the photos of the child we write with stylized characters the date of the shot and a small dedication. Finally, on the last page of the album, we make a collage with several photographs of the child.

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